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What is Meth Psychosis? - Find out Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Guide

What To Know About Meth Psychosis / Methamphetamine Psychosis , Meth Psychosis Signs Symptoms And Treatments complete Guide,
What To Know About Meth Psychosis / Methamphetamine Psychosis , Meth Psychosis Signs Symptoms And Treatments complete Guide,

What is Meth Psychosis?

Generally, Meth Psychosis / Methamphetamine Psychosis is associated to a mental health condition of extreme delusions, paranoia and hallucinations. Such abnormal mental behavior is induced by prolonged dosage of drugs(cocaine and alcohol) and Methamphetamine, which causes obsessive compulsive behavior and hallucinations(wandering in the mind), this abnormal state of brain is referred as Meth Induced Psychosis.

Meth Psychosis or Methamphetamine Psychosis involves strong and vivid episodes of hallucinations and delusions, which makes it very difficult for a person to discriminate the reality and unrealistic happenings, which is nothing but a farce.

Sadistically, a person experiencing meth induced psychosis cannot even identify the abnormal behaviors developed by alcohol and drug abuse.

According to Mackenzie and Heischober, the hallucinations of meth induced psychosis are usually visual, different from auditory hallucinations of Schizophrenia.

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 Symptoms of Meth Induced Psychosis (Methamphetamine Psychosis)

One must be able to recognize the abnormal behaviors in himself or the loved ones to know mark the sufferings of raging emotions and insanity caused by hallucinations. It is literally crucial to understand the signs and symptoms of meth induced psychosis, as it can fly to permanent psychosis. Following are the signs and symptoms which should be understood at immediate terms to control the negative behaviors caused by drug abuse (meth psychosis):
  • Mental health problems i.e. paranoia (suspicious thoughts of being in problem and danger)
  • Anxiety issues
  • Aggressiveness
  • Confusions
  • Nervousness
  • Extreme Mood swings
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Impaired decision-making ability
Arizona State University stated that;
“Meth also effectively shuts down your brain’s sleep, hunger, and thirst centers.” 
Furthermore they added that if the affected person does not quit the abuse of drugs, the effects can worsen and become long-lasting damaging problems for him and people around him.

Meth induced psychosis can cause long term effects which become problematic for the affected person and these effects include several heart problems i.e. irregular heartbeat, blockage of blood vessels and heart attack in severe cases.

How and why meth induced psychosis is developed?

It is important to understand the reasons which can trigger the condition of hallucinations and delusions as some people might misunderstand the causes of meth psychosis.

According to  Dr. Karen Miotto, director of the University of California-Los Angeles' Alcoholism and Addiction Medicine Service, meth psychosis is often developed in result of sudden withdrawal of marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol but the mechanism is not always clear to record. [1]

 The most important thing to consider before understanding meth psychosis is, cocaine, alcohol and marijuana are totally different thing than Methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is a man-made drug, which works as strong stimulant to treat obesity and accelerate physical activity. But its high dosage is accompanied by meth psychosis, mood swings, breakdown of skeleton muscle and bleeding in brain in outcome of chronic high-usage. It is also reported that recreational usage of Methamphetamine lifts up the mood and increase sexual desire to such an extent it make the person to keep engaged in sexual activities for several days. [2]

Methamphetamine makes the person addicted and ultimately it induces severe hallucinations and delusions.
According to Miotto, "Methamphetamine users can think people are after them – that their child is trying to poison them." He added, Cocaine addicts often fall victim to paranoid delusions but methamphetamine addiction is worse. [3]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Meth Induced Psychosis

To treat meth psychosis, you must first consul the doctor to know the risks of giving up drugs and Methamphetamine suddenly. And if your loved one is affected to meth induced psychosis, you are supposed to talk to him in a very calm manner to make him realize that he is being through some issues which must be sorted out to live a healthy life.

Following are some strategies which can be adapted to reduce the harms of Methamphetamine high-dose and help you to get rid of hallucinations and delusions.
  • Drink plenty of water and addicted people often get dehydrated. 
  • Maintain a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, rice, grains, nuts and dietary products to control the weight loss in affected people. 
  • Affected people must take good rest and sufficient sleep.
  • One must understand the negative results of Methamphetamine and he should switch to use the drug 
  • Seek professional help of doctors and physicians, and affected people must not hesitate to consult local mental health services.
  • Friends and family can support the affected people with sheer love and cool mind. [4]
Meth induced psychosis can be treated be medications of Haldol but as it lead  to negative side effects of , stomach problems, skin issues, extra pyramidal symptoms, the patients should be dealt with maximum importance and care by the doctors.


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