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How To Fix Bipolar Disorder Without Medications [Ultimate Care Guide]

How To Treat Bipolar Disorder Without Medications Guide will help you to Fix your Bipolar Disorder, Exercise Guide and other hacks to cope Bipolar Disorder.

How To Fix Bipolar Disorder Without Medications Guide will help you to Fix your Bipolar Disorder, Exercise Guide and other hacks to cope Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder is the brain disorders or it can be considered as mental illness associated to mood disorders causing manic depression. Bipolar disorder causes extreme shifts in mood and energy that the individuals affected with these mental disorders become unable to carry out day-to-day tasks and sometimes the periods of mood elevation lasts up to weeks and months causing poor judgment and decision making with no regard of consequences.

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Bipolar Disorder - Find out Causes, Types, Symptoms‎‎ Treatment Guide

Generally, Bipolar Disorders are divided into four different categories i.e. Bipolar disorder 1, Bipolar disorder 2, bipolar depression disorder and Mixed Bipolar disorders.

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Bipolar 1 Disorder: 

Associated with manic episodes-the mood shifts from highs of mania to the lows of depression occur depending on the level of severity for weeks or months.

Bipolar 2 Disorder: 

People experience constant phase depression and high energy in hypomania (bipolar 2 disorders) for few days or weeks.

Bipolar depression Disorder:

 It induces persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anger in patients of mental problems.

Bipolar Mixed Disorder:

An individual experience the symptoms of both mania or hypomania and depression, including one manic and one depressive episode.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder with medications & Effects

According to Journal of Psychopharmacology, lithium in drugs to treat bipolar disorders may cause chronic renal failure if the dosage is taken over many years as lithium is a very toxic element found in mood stabilizers and antipsychotic medications. [1]

Medication only helps a small proportion of those it is prescribed to and the highest success rate of lithium-drugs was just 33%  and highly toxic to treat bipolar disorder pharmaceutically in long-term. [2]

Manage bipolar Disorder Without Medications or Drugs

If you believe that you have the willpower to fix the condition of mood swings of bipolar disorders, you must educate yourself by the following tips to treat and tackle the symptoms and elevated moods without drug treatment.

1- Exercise Might Work For You!

You must have heard that exercise keeps the people physical fit. Well it can make your brain healthy too by stabilizing the chemical balance in your brain. Exercise: walk, hike or swimming naturally releases ENDORPHINS and provides you wellbeing sensations and reduce the stress and anxieties. [3]

2- Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes anxiety and depression which accentuates mood swings in long term. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 7% of Americans have depression issues due to alcohol drinking. [4]
According to British Journal of Psychiatry, “ The best-fitting casual model was one in which nicotine dependence led to increased risk of depression.”
People having anxiety issues and extreme mood swings must consider smoking a cause of death and disability, as smoking constricts the blood vessels of brain which generates mental health issues. [5]

3- Relaxation Tips To Recover Bipolar Symptoms. 


The best strategy to treat depression and manic episodes, one must adapt stress-relieving tips of meditating, leisure walk, creating art, book reading and breathe deeply to soak the love of nature.
According to psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD:
“Research suggests that daily medication may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress.”

Practicing relaxation tips for at least 20 minutes a day reduces the activity of stress hormones and lowers the muscle tension and chronic pain to fight against depression and restlessness.

4- Skip Action Movies, TV Shows &Pornography

People having mood elevation issues must spent his time in a healthy ways and engage himself with nature and environment in spite of fusing mind with violence.
Walking around the botanical gardens and museums would be much better than watching movies for extensive hours and repenting later for being a potato sack!
A new study has claimed that, Binge-watching TV including popular Netflix shows like ‘House of Cards’ or ‘Orange is the new Black’, stimulates depression and anxiety among the people. [6]

Apart from binge-watching TV, quit watching pornography RIGHT NOW! Come out of the painstaking ADDICTION.

Porn generated artificial Dopamine stimulation and disturbs the chemical balance in brain by triggering the dopamine release at high level to make you crave for the same feeling every time. Such addiction makes you more depressive and unsatisfied for available pleasures which trigger aggression in people having mood disorders. [7]

5- Maintain A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet of fruits and whole grains help the people to fight against depression naturally. Diet and mental health works in a real way to tackle mental health problems (mood disorders and depression). A balance diet with sufficient Vitamin D can help you overcome the mood swings and feeling of being not healthy.

6- Nursing Care Plan To Fix Bipolar Disorder

Nursing care plan assures the patients of bipolar disorders and their family to treat the symptoms of manic episodes and depression in a NATURAL way.
  • Nursing care plan implements the following tactics to recover the bipolar disorder:
  • Promote relaxation to stimulate sleep craving
  • Cut out the excessive dosage of Lithium ( mood stabilizers and sleeping pills)
  • Have suicide precautionary measures and relaxing safe place for the patient.
  • Promote positive thinking and taking to assure the patient about ignoring negative aspects of life.
  • Enhance therapeutic relationship to build the string relationship and boost self-esteem in patients.
Note: Patients and family are supposed to consult the doctor before cutting out the drug intake, prescribed by the psychologists.

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