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What is Mental Health, Am I Mentally Healthy? Ultimate Guide

What is Mental Health, characteristics of Mentally Healthy person, Are you Mentally Healthy? know your Mental Health status in this Ultimate Mental Health Guide.
Mental Health is a balanced state between the individual & the surrounding world, a co-existence between the realities of the self and that of the other people that of the environment in called mental health.
People who have mental health enjoy good healthy life and have good behavior with other people,
In this article, I will share with you tips on how to be mentally health and insights that will help you figure out if you are mentally stable or not..

Mental health on the other hand is needed for every one to have more healthy society, otherwise there are too many dangers of mentally disturbed people, these can be a major crimes in streets.

Mental Health & Environment:

As we speak of the mental disorders and disease related to our brain, most of them are arise by social issues, yet the people suffering from don't enjoy a mentally healthy life, even they are burden on society and cause severe damage to resources and some times people life.
Read more about mental health causes and classification here.

Know if you are mentally healthy:

 I Hope you'd be mentally healthy want to know are you mentally healthy?
 There are some points and characteristics of a mentally healthy person,

Feels comfortable about himself:

He never underestimates nor overestimates his ability and accepts his shortcomings.

Mentally healthy person feels right towards others:

Mentally healthy person feels good and interested in other and love them, he has friendship long lasting and satisfying, he is able to like and trust others.

Mentally Healthy person is able to meet the demands of life.

He does something about the problems as they arise, he is able to think for himself and to take his own Decisions. He is not bowled over by his own emotions of fear, anger, love, guild etc.

Warning Signals of Poor Mental health:

If you have any symptoms, regularly or occasionally you should seed consultation with a psychiatric as soon as possible. Following questions help to take one's own mental health status.

 If answer o any of the question is YES, consult your Psychiatrist:

  • Always worrying without any cause?
  • Unable to concentrate?
  • Continually unhappy without cause?
  • Easily lose your temper?
  • Troubled by regular insomnia?
  • Dislike to be with people?
  • You always right and others are always wrong?
  •  Upset if routine life is disturbed?
  • Children consistently get on your nerves?

Now tell me in comments are you  Mentally Healthy? What you often do to make yourself happy and if any of your siblings have mental health related problems then is always looking foreword to help you.

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