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Mental Health Disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis) Causes, Types & Prevention Explained

Mental Health Disorders are variety of disorders that include major illness like psychosis to minor illness like anxiety, depression &personality disorders. that caused by either Organic causes, hereditary or social pathologist causes. Mental Health Disorders their causes, and preventive tips would be helpful to early diagnosis and treatment to minimize the risks.

Almost 500 million people are believed to suffer from mental health Disorders like neurotic, stress related and mental disorders worldwide, almost 200 million suffer from mood disorders.
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Different types of Mental Health Disorders: 

Major Mental Health Disorders (Psychosis)

In psychosis person is completely denies the reality, he thinks he has some extra special powers and he has been chosen one and gifted. further there are further classifications,

Schizophrenia : 

Most dangerous condition, in which a patient lives in a fantasy world of his own. He hallucinates of different sounds, or even visual images of Ghost etc, he also claim to be gifted person.

Manic Depressive Psychosis: 

It is another form on mental health disorder, in which person's symptom varies from heights of excitement to depth of depression. If you see a person one time he'll be excited and in next few hours he'll be dumb person which explains the uncontrolled production of brain chemicals like norepinephrine, serotonin & dopamine can cause these symptoms.


In this condition patient is extreme suspicious, he/she never trust anyone,

Minor Mental Health Disorders:

Minor Mental Health Disorders include neurosis or psychoneurosis & personality disorders.

Neurosis/ Psychoneurosis:

In this disorder patient in unable to react normal to life situations. He/she exhibits symptoms like unaware fear, compulsions and obsessions, he'll be doing the work against his will again and again, for example some adults bit their nails, even they want to skip this but they continue doing this until unless treated by psychiatrist.

Personality & Character Disorders:

These disorders result from unfortunate childhood experience & perceptions, like husband wife fights, and ignored children.

What are Causes of Mental Health disorders:

Organic Conditions:

Those mental disorders that are related to our body and brain pathology include Brain tumors, metabolic disorders, neurological diseases, endocrine disorders can lead to mental ill health.


Those diseases transferred from parents to children are contributory, hereditary may be an important factors in some cases egg a child of two schizophrenic parents is 40 times more likely to develop schizophrenia than a child of healthy parents.

Social Pathological Causes: 

These include worries, anxieties, emotional stress, tension, frustrations, unhappy marriages, broken homes, poverty, industrialization, rejection, neglect etc

Toxic Substances:

There are some toxic metals like mercury, lead etc


There are some drugs that can cause mental health disorders, these include Barbiturates, alcohol etc

Nutritional Factors:

Deficiency of Vitamins like Thiamine and Pyrimidine can lead to mental health disorders.


Deficiency of Iodine can also lead to minor disorder of mental health.
Traumatic Factors: Road traffic accidents, occupational accidents and major traumatic events in one life can also be contributory factors.


Radiation is notorious factor that can cause psychosis and other mental disorders.

This was all about the causes of Mental health disorders now we'll proceed toward how you can prevent the Mental Health Disorders.

How to Prevent Mental Health Disorders:

  Mental health Disorders are real threat to people's life, we already described different mental health disorders and their causes, so now I'll describe some tips so that you can prevent the disorders of mental health.

Goal to prevention of Mentalh health disordersw is to decrease the onset & residual disability of mentalh helath disorders.

Primary Prevention:

  • Eliminate the causative agents 
  • Enhance resistance of the person
  • Reduce the risks
  • Interfering with the mode of disease transmission
  • Mental Health education programs

1. Eliminate the causative agent

First, eliminate the causative factor, which we already discussed, so that when a causative factor is NOT available then the chances of mental health disorder is minimum.

2. Enhance the resistance of the person

We can enhance resistance of the person by helping him rehabilitation techniques, furthermore we can set some parameters which gives a user interest in others,

3. Reduce the risks

Reduce the risks of person prone to mental illness, like a person is using Drugs he should be prohibited to use these as well as he should be not able to use the factors causing mental health disorders.

4.  Interfering with the mode of disease transmission

Now the next step is to interfering with the mode of mental illness transmission, it can transmit via different ways, like ignored children are prone to mental illness, these children should be taken care of, and furthermore a person is also prone to mental illness if he is using barbiturates drugs, he should be monitored while using these drugs.

5. Mental Health education program

Mental health education programs can help to prevent these disorders, like mental health blog’s, mental health journal are also a great source of spreading the mental health education.

Secondary Prevention:

Here is list for secondary prevention of mental health disoers
  • Screening Programs
  • Family based health services
  • Identify the emotional problems
  • Psychiatric care

Screening Programs:

This consist of early diagnosis of mental illness through Screen Program in schools, universities, industry etc. and provision of treatment facilities. for example if a student in college is having symptoms of mental illness then he can be screened by screening team in the college and further treatment can continue to help prevent further complications.

Family based health services:

In this regard, family based health services have much role to play, this will also help preventing the mental illness in future.

Identify the emotional problems:

The family service agencies should identify emotional problems and early symptoms

Psychiatric care:

Early diagnosed people should have proper Psychiatric care
So, that it can further prevent complications of mental health disposers.

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